With C & N, you know who you are working with!  Our employees are local and long time residents of Grayson county. SOLID CORE SIDING® and Crane Exterior Portfolio have more SOLID CORE® design patents than any other insulated siding manufacturer.

New siding can update the look of your home while improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance. Replacement vinyl siding is the top choice for homes in Texoma and is being installed more than any other type of siding due to its exceptional endurance against the elements, economical cost, and low maintenance.


New Siding Enhances the Value of Your Home

Even the best siding styles will look shoddy if poorly installed. Not with C & N Construction. We back our work with an industry-leading three-year installation warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on materials. We always add a new insulation underlayment, undercapping to keep insects out, create a minimal number of seams, and use vinyl finish elements around protrusions such as light fixtures and dryer vents that integrate those elements into the new look of your home. All of these details combine to ensure a smooth, finished look that is guaranteed to last without buckling or popping.

What’s your color? Is your style best expressed in classic neutrals, accented by crisp, white trim? Or would expressive deep shades fulfill your vision? With the natural, authentic appearance of CraneBoard®, you can experiment and create a unique exterior look that’s just right for you.

From the traditional Colonial to the most groundbreaking Contemporary design, CraneBoard® can be both a starting point and an exciting accent. Mix and match CraneBoard® 7, CraneBoard® 6, CraneBoard® Board & Batten and CraneBoard® Beaded in 17 colors to invent a style that turns your house into your home.

Solid Core Siding® has 53% higher flexural strength compared to standard insulated siding and that means smoother, straighter walls.

Only SOLID CORE® Backer Foam has moisture management ridges providing space for ventilation and allowing condensation to escape and enhance insulation without contributing to mold.

64% greater compression strength with SOLID CORE SIDING® results in enhanced impact resistance for those Texoma hail storms and the random baseball or other impact.

The tensile strength of SOLID CORE SIDING® is 40% higher than standard insulated siding for a more durable and longer lasting just-installed appearance.

Greater surface adhesion for SOLID CORE SIDING® exclusive lamination process means over 200% more bond strength between the siding and the foam core.

CraneBoard® replicates the look of popular, real wood profiles with wider 6″ and 7″ planks and Board & Batten styles.

Lower year round energy bills with an R-Value of up to 4.0 and reduced noise by 45% so homeowners can enjoy peace and quiet while inside their home.

With SOLID CORE SIDING® there is never any painting, scraping or maintenance hassle.

Distinctive finishes, finishing details and insulation around windows, doors and corners (those areas most vulnerable to energy loss) means not only a better looking home, but a more energy efficient home with SOLID CORE SIDING®.