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Replacement windows bring the light in and keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer in Texoma here in North Central Texas. Reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home by updating with replacement windows that effectively seal and insulate reducing the uncontrolled air flow into and solar heating of your home. We can help you evaluate your options within your budget when choosing replacement windows. All estimates are free of charge!

Do you need new windows for your old house? Replacement windows increase energy and update the aesthetic of your existing home and may even help keep up its value.

For energy savings look for the lowest U-Factor.  This is the rating of thermal performance for every window sold in the US. Instead of just replacing the glass, consider updating your window with a replacement window that will improve the insulation and seal for that area of the home. Cost effective and energy efficient replacement windows add value and protect your home investment.

The Energy Star® Windows Program is an excellent place for homeowners to check their options for efficient replacement windows. Originally, the Energy Star® Program was founded in 1992 as a labeling program headed by the environmental Protection Agency (EPA) but by 1996, many more product categories began to gain the label including most if not all appliances and home improvement goods, such as replacement windows, doors, and skylights.

The simplest way to choose energy efficient windows is to purchase replacement windows that qualify as Energy Star® in all 50 states. These replacement windows meet the requirements for both cooling and heating climates and are the best option when you have the hot and cold extremes that we do in Texoma. They guarantee high energy performance and thermal comfort for all regions and seasons.

In the North Texas, or Texoma area, energy efficient replacement windows help keep the heat inside the home in the winter, and outside the home in the summer. A combination of effective insulation, windows and energy efficient heating and cooling makes for a comfortable home in Texoma.

Winter Thermal Comfort

An older window with a lower glass temperature when it is cold outside also feels colder because more heat is radiated from your body to the window. Cold glass can also create unconfortable drafts as air next to the window cools and moves toward the floor. This results in an air movement pattern that feels drafty and accelerates heat loss. High performance replacement windows with lower U-Factors will result in a higher interior window temperature in winter and greater comfort for you and your family. Proper installation along with weatherstripping designed to seal tightly (for operable windows) will also improve comfort by reducing drafts and cold air leakage into the living space.

Summer Thermal Comfort

In summer, strong direct sunlight and far infrared rays enter through the glass warming the skin and interior surfaces creating overheating and discomfort as the surface temperatures rise. Windows with low solar heat gain coefficients will reduce the solar radiation coming through the glass and associated discomfort. Low solar heat gain low-E glass (spectrally selected) reduces heat gain while still providing sufficient light and view.

Information from the Efficient Windows Collaborative – find out more information here.

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New windows and doors enhance a home with a brick facade.

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